Goal Accomplished: Ride All County Roads in Gloucester County

On the Fourth of July this year, I finally accomplished something that’s been a long-term goal for awhile now: ride the entire length of every county road in Gloucester County from my doorstep. I had ridden probably about 50-75% of the roads by the time I started really keeping track last summer. By August 2018, I only needed a handful of roads but was waiting to be able to ride with my friend who also has this on his cycling bucket list.

The roads that were left were really heavily trafficked, so an early Saturday or Sunday or other day with little or no traffic would be necessary to safely ride them. Alas, we were never able to find a good day to ride together, and I wanted to check this one off before my baby is here in a few weeks. So off I went on my own on the morning of the Fourth.

The ride itself was uneventful and exciting. Gloucester County has 410 miles of county roads. This is according to a 2009 map, so I believe more roads have been added. I’ve ridden the ones I’ve found to add to my list. Next up: I’ll most likely try to do the same thing with Salem County roads, the county directly to the south. I’ve ridden a lot of these roads too, but it’ll take a lot longer to finish them off since each ride to grab new roads will most likely be 40-50 miles.

My shoddy digital map I mark up to keep track of the roads I’ve ridden.

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